Monday, March 14, 2011


The mad dash to digest several weeks worth of material and regurgitate it out as something usable, also known as the Mid-Term Exam.
This is my fifth semester at JUW and my fifth round of midterms.  I got out easy in all of the last semesters. The midterms were never so difficult. While I would have thought that this semester wouldn’t be very difficult, I stood in correct! because in this semester we have to study more than the previous semesters. We did not have notes only we had lectures and practical works, so there was no any chance to bunk the class.
This week was very much busy. I don’t want this week again in my life, before this week I got horrible news that my favorite teacher Miss Batool was leaving university without any suitable reason and we all were very annoyed about our future and of course our subjects also because Miss Batool was self grooming all of us.
This week every night I studied my notes several times and did not have the assurity that “will I remember all this stuff on my examination time”? But when I got my question paper in my hand it seemed like somebody was dictating me all the stuff and after paper I went happily out of the examination room.
I worked hard a lot and I am sure that I will pass my midterm result with flying colours. Today was my last paper n I am happy that I will sleep without any tension.

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