Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gift Ideas For Friends

  • One of the best gift items for your friend will comprise of a photo frame, containing an old photograph of the two of you. If it is possible, you can also make the frame at home only.

  • If your friend has tea as one of his/her favorite beverages, gift him/her a set of teacups. If it is coffee that he/she likes, then giving a personalized coffee mug is the perfect option.

  • Make a complete gift basket for your friend, including his favorite chocolates, candies and cookies in it.

  • When it comes to gifts for friends, personalized items rule the roost. Get your friend's picture printed on a t-shirt, with the words 'My Best Friend' written underneath it.

  • If you looking for a present for your friend's birthday, then baking a cake for him/her would be the perfect option.


  • If you friend is fashion-conscious, then giving him/her accessories, like sunglasses, watch, fashion bracelet, cufflink, tiepins and gold pendants, will prove to be a good option.

  • For a friend who loves reading books, gifting him/her a collection of his/her favorite author is a very good idea.

  • Perfumes and deodorants can also be a very good choice as far as friend's gifts are concerned. In this regard, scents ranging from musk to spice can be opted for, depending upon the taste of your friend.

  • If your friend likes to listen to music, you can gift him/her CDs and cassettes of his singer/band and, if possible, an iPod or MP4 player to go with it.

  • If your friend is fond of sports, then gifting accessories related to his/her favorite sport will be a good idea. Another option will be to get tickets for the upcoming season of the sport.

  • These days, fashion accessories have become popular as gift items, be it for a boy or a girl. You can go for bracelets, earrings, neck chains, and so on, depending on the taste of your friend.

  • Utility items, like watch, key ring, pen stand, telephone index and electronic notebook, will be good as gift items for friends.

  • Last, but not the last, you can present your friends with gift certificates, for their favorite apparel store, music shop shoe store and even games parlor.


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