Sunday, April 3, 2011

Come Connect

27th Feb. 2011 most wonderful day of my life when we all friends unit together and connect together for proving that we all (Bs III Mass Comm.) are the best. One month before Come Connect (27th Feb.) our C.R came to class n told us about the event Come Connect and she ordered all of us (whole class) that we must have to unit together and worked hard together for the best performance of our class.
And from the following day we had started practicing about our comedy drama ‘Height Of Over Acting’ in which I had to perform as Punjabi Jutt type hero and in another tragic drama ‘Peet Ka Yaan Koi Phal Na Mila’ in which I had to play a role of father and the whole month we had practiced a lot and enjoyed a lot and finally the day came named ‘Come Connect’ 27th Feb. 2011. Our tragic drama had second number and all of us were very nervous to go to stage and face such a huge crowd but after our first performance we had gained our confidence and after 10 minutes we had our next comedy drama, everybody almost rushing back stage for the preparation n costumes for comedy drama and when our drama started people enjoyed a lot and also all of us perform best on the stage then the rehearsals. These two dramas were so wonderful that we had won all the awards. Thus this the most wonderful day of my life the hall was very good, food was very good and everybody got gift for visiting Come Connect.